Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weekly Focus Update...On Being Sore

Funny things happen when you take for granted that you know something. Or so you think.

Take a long look at yourself, and you realize that knowing vs. knowing and doing on a consistent basis may just be two different things.

Muscle memory can only bring you so far along. Then practice makes perfect takes over.

The basics encompass so much more than just a few movements. Posture (last weeks focus) changes everything...hopefully for the better.

As I drilled (only eight minutes twice a day) the basic lower body movements (glute, oblique lifts, oblique hip slides), I tuned into what my body needed from my core to make the movement controlled and precise.

And the next day, I was sore! What?!? These are movements I'd mastered years ago, right?

But I took them for granted.

Lesson learned...take nothing for granted. Even the things you think you know.

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