Review Policy

All reviews are soley based upon my opinion, and based on books and genres I enjoy.  If you are an author or publisher interested in having a work reviewed, please contact me via  Most books I review are either currently purchased by me (or gleefully borrowed from the library!).  Below is a list of genres I enjoy...

Genres: paranormal romance, paranormal, YA paranormal/fantasy, urban fantasy, gothic romance...if you may have something you think I may enjoy, please drop a note at the above address.  (I've gotten a few fantasy requests...these are hard for me.)

Please realize that I try my best to leave out any spoilers (who really wants to know the ending?), and any opinion expressed, good or bad, is my own.

Also, any books sent for consideration will not be automatically guaranteed a good review.  I read because I  enjoy doing so, as well as sharing my thoughts with others.

If your are a tribal fusion bellydancer, bellydancer, ATS bellydancer, and have an interest in doing a guest post, or have an item related to bellydance you'd like a review on, please contact via email!

Finally, most reviews have a two to three week turnover.

Please send any questions!!!


And last (I promise!!)  If you are following me...thank you!!!!!!