About Me

The only way to follow your dream is to start by taking that first step.  The rest isn't any easier, but with each step, you get closer and closer.  Sometimes, the dream includes the journey, too.

My first step?  The first bellydance class I took when I was five or six.  But at the time, I thought I was just hangimg out with one of my mom's friends while she was in class at college.  It sparked something in me that lit many different fires.

Years later, and many school, community, and college theater productions under my belt, I've been an actress (chorus, lead, supporting...and I can't tell you how many ladies of the night I've played!), backstage crew, assistant stage manager, stage manager, lighting designer, costumer, painter, construction, and wrangler.  Though, power tool usage was closely monitored!

Then, bellydance came back into my life!  I studied cabaret style bellydance for three years which led to a position in a local troupe for two seasons, performing at cultural festivals, art festivals, and other venues.  But, all the while, I was being drawn to another style.  Tribal style bellydance. Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Sharon Kihara, Mardi Love...they amazed me with their power, grace, and strong femininity.  These weren't the typical bellydancers with their flowing skirts, beaded costumes, and bright sparkling costumes.  They were snakier, the costumes and dance style unlike anything I'd ever seen.

I needed to do this, with every fiber of my being!

As a Tribal Fusion Bellydancer, I perform with an amazing group of women, have learned more about myself than I have ever thought possible, empower women to accept their beauty no matter the shape, and learn every single day.  My newest step in my journey includes Reclaimed Dark Muse...tribal fusion headpieces, bindis, costume pieces, and inspired art.  For years, I've made my costume pieces, and now, I've turned that passion into something I can share with others! (Plus, my mom and I always made my costumes for all my shows, so I get to have a piece of her with me everyday.)  Most of my pieces feature reclaimed and forgotten items that I give new life upcycled and recycled. 

Passionate.  That's me...

I'm also a new mom, book lover, aspiring writer (maybe!!), and artists.

Join me on my journey...