Friday, October 19, 2012

Dream A Little Dream and GO FOR IT!

Anytime we here that little voice inside our heads, the one that expresses our dreams, our hopes, and even our fears, we have a choice.  To listen, or block it out, and do the "right thing."  Usually, the "right thing" isn't truly what is right for us, but we do it anyway, either held back by the fear of failing, the fear of change, or even the fear of succeeding.
It takes mountains of courage to understand that what may be right for everyone else isn't necessarily right for us.  And then, we can decide to leap...or keep walking on the same path.
Or in my case, shimmy *big grin*.
What started out as a book blog is an evolving enigma, a part of the new path that has allowed me to remember what it feels like to create, evolve, and even become that little girl who loved to make things and dance around in her bedroom when she thought no one was looking. Except now, I don't mind people looking.  As long as they aren't stalking me.
I would draw in my room, write stories, and paint, all alone, afraid to show anyone.
Well, it is time to grow up. 
Once someone tells you the job you have will lead you to not being able to walk, to never dance again, even all alone in your room, it may just be time to remember all those things the little girl in you remembers, and take that leap.