Friday, April 26, 2013


Whenever I see something that inspires me, I try desperately to hold onto it. Frantically at times, I hastily jot down notes, words that will remind me of that spark that is meant to light the fire within. No matter that I may not quite understand the scribbled words or sketches that may or may not be a thing of beauty.

I even carry little books to record those fireworks before they fade away. The notebook on my bedside stand is filled with dreams and nightmares that I might never have remembered, even though I wanted to.

Sometimes, the Muse that resides near me when she feels like companionship whispers in my ear and these initial sparks morphine into something entirely different than they began.

But lately, I've learned to allow some of these feelings simmer. To become something more than I ever dreamed of if I just listened to that one little note.

Out of these sparks come dreams that become reality.

And there are more to come...

Note: All photos by Aria, and Headpiece available soon at

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