Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Posture...Weekly Focus Update

Nothing feels better than a strong performance, and one of the key factors to that is posture.

Posture effects each component of your dance, starting with practice.

And practice makes perfect.

The "corsetting" technique I learned a few weeks ago made my practice feel like it never did before. My posture feels more grounded and rooted, and every movement felt brand new.

The area between my shoulder blades also became an area that I focused my on, to make my posture feel more regal and confident. Yoga poses such as plank (double bonus!), chatarunga, and even tree became early morning staples.

And, wow, did I become sore! But, as I incorporated these new details into my practice, I noticed how much better I felt about my dance. Especially the next day, I could feel a new strength in my body.

Focus accomplished...

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