Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekly Challenge One...Posture

The hardest thing to accept, and not let yourself get down, is that though you may feel strong and beautiful, sometimes, your dance doesn't look as fabulous as it feels.

A strong performance hinges on so many things, and like all things practice makes perfect.  Feeling strong, in the moment, and nailing each movement...and then, you see the replay.

Ugh.  Did I really leave my hand flopping around like that?  And that hip drop combo?  Am I slouching?

You have a choice.  Feel sorry for yourself, or PRACTICE.  The basics have to be a fundamental part of your practice, but sometimes we focus on the other bells and whistles that they get forgotten.

Each week, I am focusing on an area of my practice that I feel needs tweaking.  (After seeing a few replays, more than one!)

The first focus?  Posture.  This is the most fundamental and important part of any bellydance practice. 

Feet, knees, hips, pelvis, spine, shoulders, neck, chin.  These are the words I teach my students as a check in while they are drilling and learning, both in class and at home.

I have also "learned" a new technique from a great teacher and friend of mine that "corsets" your core area.  The muscle that wraps around from the lower back to from supports your entire upper body, When it is weak (either from concentrating on your abs though crunches that work only the front muscles or general misuse), we feel that ache in our lower backs.  But, by pulling in this muscle and like a corset to support your upper body, you can strengthen your core not only for your dance, but everyday life.  The muscle engages when you are in plank, though not everyone is aware of it and uses it as such.  There are also Pilate's/yoga exercises such as boat with your abs "corseted" (think of an actual corset cinching in your waist all around, but only tight enough to feel supported and not out of breath).  You can increase the difficulty by "flointing" your toes.  point your fee/toes, but flex and spread your toes with a lot of energy.  WOWSA.

This technique is now added to my posture mantra, because this support actually made me feel taller, stronger, and aware of my movement.  So, feet, knees, hips, pelvis, spin, corset the core, shoulders, neck, chin.

Be back with an update!

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