Monday, April 29, 2013

Dream...Love...Believe! What A Weekend!

If you've followed me the last six months or so, you know that my world has changed in immeasurable ways. From working full time, squeezing in my love of tribal bellydance, teaching, and recovering from a nightmare of an injury to taking a leap of faith to follow a dream...with an adorable, inspiring, and amazing lil dude.


This past weekend, Reclaimed Dark Muse had it's first public outing (outside of etsy, eBay *eh*, and the comfort of my troupe).


When you create something, a small part of you is on display. This is terrifying. Did I mention terrifying?



That smile? It says more than words. She loved it, and had to wear it for the show that evening.

My favorite piece?

My gorgeous dragonfly is now with a bellydancer I've known since I was an American Cabaret bellydancer, whom I adore.

Success can be defined in so many different ways. Money, maybe (sure, it helps. And bellydance is a very expensive love!!), but happiness and passion reflected back to you from others? Priceless...

And, I've still got more work to do.

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