Monday, April 22, 2013

New Review...Touch of Steel By Kate Cross

Claire Brooks is seeking revenge for the only family she had left.

More often than not, I've had the distinct pleasure of disappointment when a book claims to be steampunk. My favorite was one particular novel that used the word so many times that I literally laughed out loud and finished two chapters.

But, I'm still that girl who loves a good cover, and when I caught sight of this one on my hastily planned dash through the bookstore, I had to have it. And, of course, in the grand tradition of all things me, it is the second book in the Clockwork Agents series.

So I picked up the first book, Heart of Brass.

And fell in love.

In Kate Cross' second novel in the series, she not only delivers an intriguing steampunk powered world where automatons and dirigibles power everyday life, but also a world where the women of the realm ;-) are empowering, passionate, and not satisfied to sit by and wait to be rescued.

And when Claire meets her match in Alastair, the Earl of Wolfred, there is so much steam you may need to open a window and clear the air. From opposing agencies, these two must work together to capture one of the realms biggest enemies. But, can Alastair resist his captive? And will Claire be able to do what she needs to, no matter the consequences?

The best part of this story (other than the steamy romance, of course), is how effortless the steampunk world seemed. Details were resplendent, every character adding layers of intrigue and subtlety. And who can resist chasing a bad guy with a sexy spy? Why, only another dangerous and sexy spy. The Dove may have met her match.

Rich, vibrant, and full of ingenious detail, Touch of Steel will have you longing for more Wardens of the Realm!

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