Friday, April 30, 2010

What to do?

I just wanted to stop in and let you all know what I've been up to...and will be up to!!

First off, I finally found Lover Awakened...OMG. I will have to share my thoughts. On another post, because...well, those of you who know what I mean, know what I know?

Things are crazy as Spring has finally decided to show her lovely little visage. Between enjoying the intermittent sunshine and opening the windows to let in the fresh air...sigh. And then the things that come with it. Love greenhouses and garden centers!! And my puppy demands all my attention.

Lucky she's so cute.

On the dancing side, I have a show coming up. Which is insane...even though its mainly just a little coffee shop shindig. Costuming cracks me up. I can't least, when I look at it, I think, did my ten year old niece do that? Hey stitching glue is amazing! Don't even get me started on the organizing aspect...

And, what is really exciting for me....doing my first guest post! Which means research. In a good way, because what I'm looking is something I already have an interest in. A little nervous, but its that good kind! Go on over to and check it all out!!

So, if all goes well, you'll have two new review this weekend...and winner of my first contest announced by Sunday....

Thanks for following!!


  1. LOL I can totally sympathize w/ the not sewing thing. Glue can do wonders! Thanks for the shout out to my bloggy! Good luck w/ your contest! <3

  2. Lover Awakened is one (if not) of my favourite BDB novels! I could go on all day about that series. I devoured them all within a week I think. Look forward to reading your review! :)

    How exciting! Guest blogger! :D

    Good luck with the show! At least you managed to put something together. My effort would be held together by staples and duct tape! lol ;)


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