Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Little Midnight Musing

Isn't it funny when you discover something new...from someone you've never met, and it changes everything?

Recently, I RT to an author and the artist my love of the cover of a new book, only to discover the only current media it was available in was in the "e" realm. With all the twittering and news articles surrounding ereaders as well as my own reluctance to really delve deeper into this new fangled form, I pretty much dismissed be able to get said book to check out until it was released in paperback.

(Said book, by the way, is Avalon Revisited. In case you're wondering...steampunk is incredibly intriguing to me as a whole, from the general technology and history, to the costuming influence in bellydance.)

The artist sent me back a message telling me how she didn't have a kindle, but downloaded the app to ther ipod touch. LIGHT BULB...So I logged on and got myself a lil ol' kindle app.

Backing up just a tad...Initially, I felt kind of...odd about the whole concept of an ereader. I love how a book feels in my hands, the smell (I know, kinda musty), having my favorite titles displayed proudly like trophies saying, yep, I read 'em. All of them. Really. So the thought of just one more device (WITH NO COVERS? GASP!!) launching me further into the digital realm made me feel overwhelmed. Really...which device? Could I keep track? But I love the library...and the used bookstore...and wandering through Borders for hours!! Will the pages turn fast enough (I read husband doesn't always believe I'm reading. Like I would just flip pages to amuse him. Seriously?)? ACK! with my new foray into short stories with Melissa Marr, I jumped in with her estory Stopping Time. Which also meant I didn't need another copy of Fragile Eternity, since said story was included with the new soft back edition.

*Pools of light shining down from the heavens*

Guess what? Yep, loved it. Well, let me clarify...

I finished part one of Stopping Time, and am part way through the second. UGH! I love Niall and Irial...and Leslie. Be able to visit with them once again...and before Radiant Shadows? Fab. Whet the appetite...

Just a bit about Stopping Time...

If you've read Ink Exchange (and if not, please do...I recommend the entire series very highly), you would understand why these characters have a little more of their story to tell...It's still heartbreaking and a darkly beautiful love story. Normally, I tend to skim through when there is too much explanation, but I never seem able to do so in the Wicked Lovely series. This is no exception. **Minor spoilers if you haven't read Ink Exchange**

Irial, the former Dark Court King, has sworn fealty to Niall, the Dark Courts new regent, and both have promised Leslie, the girl they both love dearly and utterly, to essentially alone and allow her to be...human. But, in the way that fae often do, they keep to their promised words while still protecting her. And Irial, with whom I just fell in love with, is more concerned with keeping Leslie safe and his need for Niall to be happy (a word I use lightly, because, really, no one in this situation can be) than his own well being. The relationship between these three characters is gut wrenching...and feels so real. Because sometimes love isn't enough. And a happy ending isn't guaranteed. My only issue...I wanted more.

So where do I stand? Other than searching the kindle store obsessively and now alternating between my droid and ipod touch? I like it. Alot. But, I'll still get my favorites, for now, in the good old bookstore... For now.

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