Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review: Get the Fever...

From the jacket cover...

He calls me his Queen of the Night. I'd die for him. I'd kill for him, too. When MacKayla Lane receives a torn page from her dead sister's journal, she is stunned by Alina's desperate words. And now MacKayla knows that her sister's killer is close. But evil is closer. And suddenly the sidhe-seer is on the hunt: For answers. For revenge. And for an ancient book of dark magic so evil, it corrupts anyone who touches it.

Mac's quest for the Sinsar Dubh takes her into the mean, shape-shifting streets of Dublin, with a suspicious cop on her tail. Forced into a dangerous triangle of alliance with V'lane, an insatiable Fae prince of lethally erotic tastes, and Jericho Barrons, a man of primal desires and untold secrets, Mac is soon locked in a battle for her body, mind, and soul.

As All Hallows' Eve approaches and the city descends into chaos, as a shocking truth about the Dark Book is uncovered, not even Mac can prevent a deadly race of immortals from shattering the walls between worlds-with devastating consequences...


First, to point out an obvious...once again, in the industrious line of my habitual start in the middle of a series, I did, in fact plunge head first with full knowledge that Faefever was no' the first in the Fever series.

That being said, let me also say I would like to thank all you little twitter book bloggers I follow for having debates (which entertained me while irritating my husband as I giggled over my Droid endlessly) about this Barrons person...because, now I know why.

There were three entirely odd things that sparked for me in this book.

First, I LOVE that the author didn't feel the need to make every character that were natives of Dublin speak with an accent. She allowed the city to paint the feeling as well as the characters of Dublin. This has, at times actually slowed down my enjoyment of a novel, only because I felt as if I wanted to read aloud (not that I did, mind you, but still...) or say "wuh?" because my brain didn't want to translate. (And I want to say fecking now. Is this really a swear word? Because if I am offending anyone's delicate ears, I apologize.)

Second...I felt the inner dialogue really replaced the actual interaction Mac had with other characters. Starting the series in the middle probably contributed to this because I felt I was missing something...Barrons and V'lane . There was really no great place to put a bookmark in...and sometimes I needed to stop. You know, to eat, work, sleep. Though it was a pretty fast going because of this...hmmm. Might be on to something. Seriously, though, the banter between Mac and Barrons made me want more.

Third. After the twitter stalking and giggling, I set myself up for some pretty intense moments. Ummm...part way through, I had to ask myself, did I miss something? (This should teach me to get the first book, girl. Seriously.) But the moments that were there were an entirely different level of intense. Building up, and I have to say, I kinda want to check out Barrons and V'lane myself. Which I did. On the Karen Marie Moning site. I would have to say the action was more on a sensual side, which sometimes is just what ya need...

So, without any spoilers for those of you who haven't (which should be few, if all that tweeting can be believed), I felt Mac was an intelligent, tough yet tender, selfish yet caring character. She loves her clothes. And I loved her taste in cars. (Really, the Viper didn't even have a radio or a/c when it first came out...its all about what a fast yummy lil sports car should be.)

Am I interested in the first two Fever books? Absolutely. Did I feel like I missed out on things sometimes...definitely. The cliffhanger...woah. So, yep, my lil Not Really Southern Vampire Chick friend, I am so glad I did not get the next book instead. Who knows where I would have ended up....
Next...Review of Pleasure of a Dark Prince (just start sighing now...what a cover!)


  1. Awesome review! Looking forward to what you have to say about the other books :)

  2. LMAO Thanks for the mention, and see now you get why I said that! LOL Glad you liked it! Oh, and I heard from fellow twitterers (is that a word?) that the 5th book's release is going to be 12-7-2010! Woo hoo! Great review, as always!

  3. I can't wait...but I have A LOT of catch up to do. Between this series and BDB...gah...Thanks for the compliments!! *warm fuzzies*


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