Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busy Times...

With the busy crazy schedule (and my attempts to set up various other networking opportunities) its been a little slim pickings here. But I wanted to give a tiny preview of things to come in the incredibly near future!


Yep, I'm gonna do it...but, as with all things, it needs a little more fun. And that means followers! Those of you here right now, I lurve ya...because I've been blog stalking you. But I'm lonely...well, not so much lonely, but hoping you all aren't either A.) My husband in disguise or B.) Being paid by said husband to follow me!!

So, while details to come, you can bet they'll include some new follower quotas amongst them...

Reviews....I have two get ready to gear up. A double, if you will, within the next 12-18 hours.

A few surprises I'm hoping to hash out...I know, such a tease, right???

Any ideas or comments or helpful suggestions, post 'em below...

Now I'm off to drill some tribal fusion bellydance...have a good one!

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