Friday, May 31, 2013

Pop, Lock, and Loaded With Kami Liddle Review

(Full disclosure: I have a bellydance crush on Kami Liddle. This may taint this review slightly, however I shall resolve to stay neutral.)

The hardest thing about learning from a dvd is often the actual breakdown, often given quickly and with the barest amount of information before you are attempting to repeat what you've seen. Which can translate to reversing, rewatching, and general confusion turning into a half-hearted execution (not to mention fiddling with a remote). Kami Liddle not only breaks down the movement, she does it in such a way that allows the visual of the movement to relate to her explanation that allows any type of learning style to understand it easily. Personally, I need too see the movement with a detailed explanation (muscles involved, and what the "linked" parts should be doing/not doing), which was perfect. Then, she drills the movement enough to actually feel like a practice (I hardly pick up my remote). You can choose to watch the breakdown or just the actual practice segment as well, or just press play.

Kami's lock explanation lends to her unique and elegant style, as well as extra tips to take the hits (and especially the shoulder movement) to the next level, even for an experienced dancer. She even takes the time to remind you what the rest of your body should be doing, whether relaxed in posture or in reaction/in conjunction with the movement. She also encourages you make the movement work for your body.

A choreography is included, which is challenging, but incorporates much of what you've practiced. I particularly liked the format for practicing the choreography. No need to keep grabbing your remote and break posture or momentum. Each part of the choreo is broken down into segments/combos that are broken down and practiced. Kami also has beautiful hand "posture", so for me, the morsels of hand content just added another delicious layer. The entire choreography is much longer than you would normally find in a feels as if you've taken a workshop with Kami.

The bonus content taken from a workshop available to rent online has the same feel (very genuine with a bit more complexity) but the warm-up was the same from the beginning (not a bad thing, but...). The performance of this bonus online available content was taken from Tribal Fest, so it goes without saying (but I have to) that it was gorgeous in all ways.

To say I would recommend this dvd would be an understatement. If your are brand new to this style, I would recommend watching it through a few times as it may he too challenging. For intermediate/advance tribal bellydancers...this is what you've waited for. I've taken a workshop from Kami, and this felt as if I was back there once again. The studio atmosphere with real dancers feels both relaxed and structured because there isn't an overstated set to distract from the content, and Kami's style of pops and lock entwined with her fluidity make this unique and a must have.

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