Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekly Focus Update...Taking Time

Practice has been fast and furious these past two weeks, and it is finally catching up with me!

After almost two weeks of bliss, my body finally needed a day off. Which I spent in the sun giving my herb garden some much needed attention. (There was a mini boulder I had wanted to move for a long while, now...and I did. Well, I rolled it out of my herb garden. About a foot away. Where it is patiently awaiting its new home!)

Then, back on the horse!

I've come to realize over time that practice has many shapes and forms. And incorporating this idea in my daily practice has given me the flexibility to take away the guilt I would feel if I simply could not fit in an hour of bellydance every day. In fact, one of the easiest ways to get my practice in is in little doses.

Yoga flow in the morning, for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then, maybe an hour or two later, I fit in something else (squats/shimmy drill, jumping jacks with isolations, or even arm cycles paired with ooey gooey movement) for eight to fifteen minutes. Then, if the Universe cooperates, choreography focus! Working on new choreo makes the creative side of me blissful, and incorporates the little movements I play around with in the kitchen.

And keeping a notebook around so I can remember what works and what doesn't is a new practice I'm trying out.

So far, so great. This scenario allows me to keep those serious hour long practices focused, and fresh.

Mix it up!

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