Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Focus Update...Variation

Ah, the sweet feeling of success after a wonderfully challenging bellydance practice, which only becomes an explosive awesome feeling after a week.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone (and technically into a long forgotten comfort zone that is now not as comfortable) was more rewarding than I hoped.

As a tribal bellydancer, my biggest weakness (at least in my eyes) has been my hands. Flopping around like gasping fish, or just plain ol' bleh, I always cringe with embarrassment when seeing videos or photos of performances. When I danced cabaret style, I always felt those long ago learned habits from dance class sneak its way into my adult brain. But, for some unknown reason, my tribal brain blocked those impulses.

But, allowing myself to dip back into those practices made my arms and hands unite in tribal hand movement bliss!! In fact, in an all levels drill class (a good teacher is ALWAYS learning), a beginner level student who stood behind me contacted me. She knew I also taught, and wanted to tell me how much she loved my tribal arms! She thought it had to either be natural talent (if only!) or hard work and wanted tips or lessons. (The teacher, BTW, is a troupe mate, so no tie stepping and she was cool with it. No bellydance drama, please.) This made my week, for real.

I thanked her, and said it maybe a small amount of talent, but mostly, HARD WORK. And I'd be more than happy to share my thoughts.

Weekly focus accomplished.

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