Saturday, June 29, 2013

Short And Filled With Panic

In which I attempt to calm the panic of not being yoga/Sanskrit perfectly proficient, and somehow practice to become more endurable (my new word...for not quite having endurance mastered).

In less than two weeks, my flight leaves for Portland. Holy three-quarter shimmies, Batman. For real. The flashcards are started (kinda). Here's the deal. I still am not sure I'll even understand the Sanskrit word/phrases unless the lovely Rachel Brice WRITES THEM DOWN.

This leads me to believe that perhaps some time spent on YouTube (you know, the place you go to stalk other bellydancers, cute kitten videos, and other unmentionables) might help with pronunciation.



And them there's the whole fitting in a few hours here and there of ACTUAL BELLYDANCE PRACTICE!!! AARRGGGHHHH. (Cry of panic, or is that the pirate in me sneaking to the surface? Hmmm...)

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