Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Musing...(for someone special)

This one is entirely selfish. I admit it.

Today is my wedding anniversary, and like a goober, I forgot *gasp* what day the actual ceremony took place.

Before you judge, let me dish out a few facts to better help your judgement. First off, we had a destination wedding with two dates during our week long stay in mind. In the end, we decided to married longer in the beautiful island paradise rather than our crazy single selves. Hence, we picked the earlier day.

Yet, somehow, this year...my brain turned to mush and I thought the date, in my time warped lil mind, was Thursday. *Hangs head* Yep, I in fact, not the husband, had the date wrong. But I figure we're even. (I'm the grill master...that works, right?)

So, here is my sentimental nod to the best day of my life (that ultimately led to even better ones). Even if I messed up the date, I always remember the day.

"If ever two were one, those two are we...."


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