Monday, November 8, 2010

New Review....Inside Out by Lauren Dane


In the wake of an attack that left her nearly dead, Ella Tipton has spent each day putting her life back together. She doesn't have any room for romance, but that doesn't mean she has to stop admiring the scenery.
Sexy security professional Andrew Copeland is no stranger to women, but he know Ella is something different. Determined to get her to let him in, Andy does the one thing he can think of to get close: he offers her hands-on training in self-defense-and before long, all that skin on skin contact have them both turning inside out.

There is just something about the characters in Lauren Dane's sexy tattoo covered series...its at times unexplainable, at other times the heart wrenching sweet hot sexiness just oozes. (Or, my case, an occasional squee that elicits an odd look from either someone seated near to me or the puppy.) And the best part isn't the gorgeous covers, or the mind blowing hotness (remember the oozes?)...its the way Lauren Dane presents unconventional situations (that, lets face it, exist in real life. After all, we don't live in an HEA bubble all the time.) and makes them seem, well, right.

I loved Ella. Her strength, her humor, even her misplaced guilt over what had happened to her in the past. And, her daydream that opened things up definitely made her even more...who hasn't had a in the moment fantasy about the hottie across from them? The little things, like remembering that Cope likes cinnamon, make her character multi-dimensional and not just the somewhat geeky victim who longs for the hot hunky womanizer. And let us not forget her bff's the extremely pregnant and glowing Erin and the bride-to-be gorgeous Elise...these woman have conversations that any close nit group of girlfriends would have. Not pulling any punches, gently shoving their friend towards something she is so obviously blind to, and diggin for the nitty gritty details. And what details they were (fans self!)...

And, Cope...the hot security professional who definitely likes the ladies. Things aren't always what they seem, now are they? The outside version of yourself isn't always the person you really are. When everyone has only seen that version they tend to treat you differently. To finally be able to let someone really in, and allow them to see all the layers you keep from the world (even your "family", who only see you as the womanizing type with no real outside interests) takes an enormous leap of faith. Because, once you do that, they can hurt you in ways that no one else can. Andrew (aka Andy/Cope) takes that chance with Ella, despite his issues. Who knew all the delicious details of his life? No one...and whats hotter than a man who reads Spanish? (Sorry, had to wipe drool off keyboard.)

Since this is the third book, the relationship has already had a bit of establishment (i.e. the first meeting, first time noticing one another...yadda yadda) which I really enjoyed because it allowed us to see the ups and downs that are at the beginning stages of any relationship. Because not everyone has that, okay, we love each other and everything is just perfect life. It takes work, because we always tend to take out our fears and frustrations on the ones we love. And of course, we get to see all of our friends from the other two books....Erin, Todd, and Ben have their own issues to deal with (oh, Ben, I love ya) and of course, the wedding plans are in full swing for Elise and Brody. Even Raven and Adrian make an appearance or two.

What this all boils down to, and my absolute favorite aspect, is how they form an unconventional yet beautiful family with each other. It may not be the one they were born with, but it's the one that they live, love and laugh with every day. Which is what really matters.


  1. I loved Cope and Ella. Perfect for each other. :)

  2. Wonderful review.
    I so adore this book and as you said it's unbelievable how good Lauren describes these bonds between the friends. I love how she sets the spotlight on the unconventional.

  3. Wow. The cover is stunning! Sounds like a great story too. I have the first two books in my TBR pile. Adding this one to my wishlist now!

    Diana @
    Book of Secrets
    The Forbidden Bookshelf


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