Monday, November 29, 2010

Guess who's stopping by?

Social networking has its benefits. And I don't mean that in the crazy stalking checking out every move you make kinda way. (You know you've done it a time or know who you are!) Why else would I have such a huge (trust me) TBR box filled to the brim with book upon book upon deliciously fabulous book? Or my new friend, the Kindle (who needs a name *taps chin*) who has introduced me to entirely new universe of possibility and *ahem* fantastic *ahem* new authors? Twitter, how I love you for feeding my addiction. And finding such fabulous new people to chat with! (How's about that for an intro?)

Tomorrow, I am so excited to welcome author Emily Cale on my blog!

Hmm...I wonder if Emily has the same addiction to coffee and cowboys I do? (Pitifully, although the boy I married wore a cowboy hat when we first met, he isn't really a cowboy. But we still adore our coffee.) Eh, he's no werewolf either *sigh*. But he still has that hat...

You'll have to stop by tomorrow and see for yourself. Ooh, and here's a sneak peek:

(I couldn't resist! I mean, seriously...)

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