Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Musings (with a twist)

Sigh...it's Tuesday, and last night was a rough one.

This week is a little hectic, mostly because I have vacation at the end of the week. Which translates to settling any and all problems that will invade work when I'm gone, getting the house ready (i.e. cleaner than ever) for the house sitter/puppy playmate, and (GULP) packing.
Gone to the wayside only slightly is my beautifully hatched idea to keep a schedule around here.

The cause? I blame Not Really Southern VampChick (wink) and Carolyn Crane (wink wink)...

"Most people think happiness is about gaining something, but it's not. It's about getting rid of the darkness you accumulate."
(Justine, Double Cross by Carolyn Crane)
You see, I came home last Monday after a grueling crazy day at work to find a one way ticket on a thrilling roller coaster ride. This little package was one of the most eagerly anticipated book to jump ahead my TBR pile for the year. I knew, without a doubt, that Double Cross would be devoured in less time than it takes me to glue my next bellydance costume together. Settling into my comfy pillows, the devouring began. Then, I realised what my week looked like....I have two ebooks waiting for review, this new sched....(you get the picture). But, the hooks were in.

Double Cross, you and I decided to have a lingering and respectful relationship. Because, while I didn't always like you (in fact, I yelled a few times...an entirely fabulous thing), I always respected, and yes, loved you. Stretching out the experience for almost a week (I worked a ton, in my defense...plus, its hard work to entertain the boy when he has time off with me!), last evening was the pentacle. And yes, my lil friend Collette egged me on to finish. (Thanks for helping me torture myself.)

When my eyes scanned over that quote, I knew I was in trouble. Because nothing could be closer to the truth...

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