Monday, November 12, 2012

Time is of the Essence...Or, What Rachel Brice Taught Me

There are days when I wake up and think of all the wonderful things I need to accomplish that day.  From yoga, to choreography, to practice and drilling, and costume creation time.  Then, there are the everyday things...laundry, work, blogging, reading, raising an incredibly active one year old (a workout in and of itself and my most joyful and challenging activity!!), and the whole shebang. And then, the day sets in.  I lose all the joyful and end up just barely accomplishing some of the everyday.
Time management used to be my forte.  I had calendars, white boards, lists...
I call this time B.B.B.
Before Baby Boy.
The other days I wake up and try my hardest to not get caught up in the everyday.  The frustration.
As a bellydancer, or any kind of artist, inspiration isn't always enough.  Perfecting and practice are essential.  Thinking about drilling or costuming isn't enough.  It can help...keeps the mind engaged and inspires us.
One of my biggest inspirations is a person.  In my circles, she somewhat of a goddess...we giggle like fangirls and share our favorite youtube moments, choreographies, and memories.
Rachel Brice. 
And now, we have Datura Online to feed our obsession. 
But, this isn't just about that.
Last week on Facebook, Datura Online had an hour of Office Time with the Professor herself.  Ask a question and get your own slice of the wisdom pie. 
So, I logged on, thinking to just lurk and learn.  But, as I read the q&a, I became anxious.  I knew that I wasn't dedicating the time I desperately needed not only for my dance but for myself.  I saw no way to get in the impossibility of practice when there was someone who needed me and other everyday tasks that also demanded my limited time.
And so I asked.
Honestly, I didn't think I'd get an answer, but, figured, what the hay.  At least I would try.  A step in the right direction.
But an answer I got.  After the giddiness sunk in and I stopped squeeing, I smiled.
Simple and easy.  In a way. 
You see, I needed someone to tell me to take time for myself and my dance.  Practice isn't the only way to perfect your art.  You need to plan.
And so, now I plan.  With a cup of tea.  While ze bebe naps.  Then, I dance!!!!
Thanks Rachel.  Here's to month one.  And dusting of my trusty planner. And a pencil.

Check out Datura Online and the awe inspiring awesomeness for yourself!!!

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