Monday, July 16, 2012

Five Things I Love About Comic Con

I admit it, I've spent most of this past weekend either pouting like the sad little fan girl/geeky mess I am over not being at Comic Con this year.  But, thanks partially to twitter (um, Wil Wheaton and his gorgeous wife, Aspen Comics, the Nerdist, Felicia Day, and many, many others!!) I at least felt like maybe, just maybe I could have been a somewhat blind and semi-deaf fly on the wall.
Especially considering that the Whedonverse opened its loving arms to the ten year anniversary of Firefly...
So, in lovingly somewhat pouting deference to all things Comic Con, here's Five Things I Love...Comic Con style.

1.) Costumes.  The best (or at least most memorable for me!) group I ever had the pleasure of experiencing happened just as I was entering my first San Diego Comic Con.  What could be better than a whole family making their way in, complete with Imperial Soldiers, a Jedi Knight, and...wait for it...two little Jawas!!!  I squealed and knew, one day, that this had to happen for me.  (Second was the actual life size Wolverine.)  Sadly, I  missed the picture opportunity.

2.)  This is my most favorite experience.  Ever.  Chicago Wizard World a few years back...the panels were all sold out (free tickets, but you get the picture), but my husband, being the awesomeness that made me marry him (and give him grief when I feel the situation is dire!), snuck us in to a Joss Whedon panel just in time to hear the unaired episode story that to this day, makes  me tear up.  Let's just say it involves Buffy, some gorgeous leather boots, Willow...and Tara.  Oh, and saving the world.

3,) Done the Impossible...the DVD that chronicles not only Serenity's fan driven passionate following of all things shiny, but documented the fact that I was, in fact, at San Diego Comic Con,  Right behind Joss Whedon.  (I'm in there somewhere...giggle.)  This leads me add the whole fact that geeks (this is a complimentary word, I assure you) can gather and feel totally amped about a cancelled show.

4.)  This year, it was the Firefly Ten Year Anniversary panel...and the tweets that allowed me to sniff back those tears along with the rest of you...

5.)  Being able to geek out with your favorite artist/creator/geek/actor.  Connection on a level that only happens when the Comic Con beckons.

This list is far from complete, and I'm sure I could add more, but I forced myself to pick five.  For now...


  1. I have go to go to comic con one of these years! It just looks like it's full of crazy fun.

  2. It really is!! I highly recommend it...just be sure to pack supplies (monster mix, water, twizzlers, camera/phone...and pain reliever!!)


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