Monday, July 11, 2011

Five Things I Love...Tribal Fusion Bellydance

First, if you have no idea what Tribal Fusion Bellydance is, be sure to visit the page link to get a mini course (not all inclusive, and no pop quizzes!).

1.) Tribal Fusion Bellydance is a style that originated in California. Why is this on my list? Creativity and explosions of art are always to be celebrated! In a time when most schools are struggling with budgets and the arts are the first to be cut, it's a beautiful thing to know that art still has relevance and that this ever evolving art is inspiring dancers to create and explore.

2.) Bellydance celebrates all types of women! Young, old, any and every body type and ethnicity. Anyone can do it! (Don't roll your eyes! If everyone was perfect at something the first time they tried something, how boring would that be? Ugh!) Tattoos, piercings, Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, tall, doesn't matter. All women are beautiful in their own way...I'm not a skinny girl. Curves are celebrated. I'm proud to say I look better in my bellydance wardrobe than most of my everyday and work clothes.

3.) I've to learned to take joy in learning. Especially the first few times..ok, maybe more like the first ten to twenty times...I tried to make my body do what I thought was impossible. I giggled. A lot. Which made it even more fun and enjoyable. There is so much we beat ourselves up over that having this outlook has expanded into other areas in my life.

4.) I dance with the most beautiful, generous, and loving women. The cattiness that is usually so prevalent when some women spend time together is not an issue. It has renewed my faith in so many ways! We help one another, whether its with making our stubborn hips and obliques make that crazy bumblebee walk work, fix a wayward costume piece, or just get a hug when you need it.

5.) Sharing...not only can I share my dance with an audience, students, and even you in some ways, I can share my interpretation and fusion of the style. New music, costumes, influences...there are no rules here.

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