Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alien in the Family Tour!

I know, it's not my turn, but there are some other places we can go to join in on the fun!!! Also, I can tell you not only will I have a review but a giveaway!! (And I'm sure you'll want to enter!) So, while I deviously ponder the details, check out these fabuolous stops along the way!!

May 1st with Drens B Spot
May 2nd over at Larissa's Life
May 3rd with Nikki Brandyberry
May 4th at the Order
May 5th with Nancy McGregor
May 6th there's a party going on over Hanging With Bells
May 7th it's time to head over to with Deanna and Chena
May 8th, come hang with comic geek girl (me!)
May 9th go check out Mark of the Stars and see what's going on!
May 10th, the host of our fab tour, KLB has something you'll want to check out,
as well as a little something with Love To Read For Fun

Have a great time checking these wonderful blogs out, and can't wait to see you here!!

(P.S. To any bloggers, if there is a change or anything you'd like to add, just email me!)

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