Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alien In The Family Giveaway, Comic Geek Girl Style!

"Never piss off the comic geeks-girl."

If there's anything a comic geek girl loves, it's the ability to happily geek out while enjoying one of her other loves. The two collide, and geeking out occurs...This phenomenon, while rare, is truly an interesting sight to see...or hear.

So, imagine my utter happiness when my favorite amazonian warrior had a reference in one of my new favorite series, "Alien In The Family" by Gini Koch. (Yep, squealing that some might say only my gorgeous golden retriever could hear. But, what can I say?) What can I say, I totally had Wonder Woman Underoos. TMI, anyone? Anywho, in true geek girl fashion, the reference is used and corrected by the other secretly (or not) geek characters to truly embrace the true nature that is Wonder Woman. (Go fan boys and girls!!!!!) Now, where did I leave my lasso? Never mind...

(Side note, the picture above is beautifully rendered by Michael Turner, and is undoubtedly of my copyright infringement intended! Check out Aspen comics and get inspired to geek out, too.)

Now, I've always had a thing for Iceman from Top Gun..and Goose...and Slider...and I could go on and on. Hmm...*shakes head* Thanks, Gini *grin* for all the fun times! (Hello, beach volleyball, anyone?)

Down to the business at hand. Up for grabs...a copy of Alien In The Family for one lucky winner, thanks to KLB Virtual Events.

To enter, answer one easy peasy little question...

What makes you geek out? Be it comics, a movie, your favorite new pair of shoes...Leave a comment below, contest ends May 18th.

Good luck, y'all! Open to U.S. and Canada only...


  1. Books do it for me. I know, every one could say that but they really do for me. You will never see me w/o a book within hands reach.
    I grew up watching Linda Carter as Wonder Woman :). I'll be on the look out for her mention in the book.

  2. What makes me geek out would be books and manga! I love reading and love to share what I read with friends.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)


  3. Books and movies totally make me geek out. I go nowhere without a book. I wont even purchase a purse if I can't fit a book in it. If I find someone who also reads I will talk to them for hours.

  4. The number of books I have, probably! My love of Star Wars, computers, and my tolerance for my hubby being a trekkie. I'm the home dictionary here (we actually own about a dozen, but no one uses them when they can just yell, "Hey do you spell..."). Is that enough? hahaha Oh, I give books as gifts, even though the boys look at me like "This isn't an Ipod".

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  5. I am totally going to geek out when my episodes of Merlin on DVD arrive from Netflix tomorrow.


  6. I geek out when I find a book I love. I have been known to hug a good book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Books, comics, movies, especially movies made from comics or science fiction and fantasy movies make the geek in me thrive.

  8. I totally geek out over books. I tend to get WAY over-excited in bookstores, particularily the used ones and drive whoever is with me crazy. Look, look at this! It's one of the original editions! Oh look at this cover! Oh look look!

  9. A new release in one of my favorite book series. I try to explain the plots/series to my mother and she just gives me the look. (Think about explaining Kitty's series to a 74 year old.)

  10. I totally geek out over comics, books and television shows, <3 Sci-fi and Supernatural!

  11. I would have to say my love of books. I love to read and would prefer to sit down and read a book rather than go out to the bar with my sister. It helps that my allergy with alchohol was gotten severly worse but I still prefer to stay home than to be with a big group of people. I keep busy with the kids all day, so relaxing for me is getting lost in a book while the kids are sleeping and the house is quiet :)


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