Saturday, January 29, 2011

Midnight Musings...Missing My Shimmies!

The hardest part of any injury is the healing. Its incredibly and undeniably easy to injure yourself, sometimes so much so that you haven't even realized the severity until its, well, that severe.

And it sucks even more when you're a bellydancer.

The moment the EVENT (as I call it now, and not fondly) occurred, I honestly just stood up and brushed myself off and went on with my day. Not much slows me down, and I figured it was only a tad sore.

Looking back, I was an idiot. We all do it, forgetting to put ourselves and our wealth fare first.

So, here I am. Almost two and a half months, six x-rays, tons of anti-inflammatory meds, an air cast, countless icing sessions and one cortisone shot later. Still miserable and on a slow road of physical therapy and wondering if I'll be able to actually stand in the morning or even walking by the end of the day. And, barely twenty minutes of actual bellydance activity in that entire time. (I can kinda couch bellydance...real cute, let me tell you.)

Tonight, my girls and I have a benefit for a children's hospital, which I've been to committed to since November. And I desperately want to do. it..even if I have to fake it.

Here's to the certainly have a way of making me remember what I really truly should be worrying about. And while it may no be okay for some people to be mean or just miserable when I'm at my job, its most definitely okay to miss doing the things you love. And to work hard to get back to them.

(While break a leg might be appropriate, I'll just send out a nice loud YIEP! and positive thoughts...coupled with some kick ass couch shimmies!)

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