Sunday, December 19, 2010

Steampunk Review...Lady Mechanika #0 by Joe Benitez

Lady Mechanika has no memory of her past. Her arms have been replaced with mechanical devices, found by authorities alive in an abandoned laboratory amidst cadavers and body parts, the only survivor of a serial killer (or, so it has been said). Now, she uses her unique abilities as a private detective in Victorian England, during a time when magic and mystery meets scientific reason.
This has long been one of my most anticipated books of this entire year. The zero issue has had three (yep...three) printings and was so hard to get to my hot lil hands on that it took until the third printing to get one at one of my local comic shops. (But, I did dish out a little to get a sketch variant at a comic con. I know, I have a problem.) The bright spot in all this reprint madness, of course, means more gorgeous covers!
In issue zero, we meet a mysterious creature on the run from a zealous group of hunters...but, then Lady Mechanika steps in, only to realize he isn't dangerous, only hungry and scared. For Lady Mechanika, her past is a shrouded in the dark, unknown...but, this creature recognises her. But, before he can give her the details she so desperately wants, the one of the members of the hunting party cruelly kills him and her chance to finally find out who she is...
The simple set up in this prequel not only made me want more (and thank goodness I have issue number one!!!!!) but set the tone for what I hope is a fabulous contribution to the steampunk genre. And interestingly enough, the creator of the series, Joe Benitez, shares his inspiration for the series (oh, yeah, there are a few comic con trips involved!), plus some steampunk recipes (which made me hungry) in the book. So many times, the inside artwork doesn't live up to the cover or the premise promised. Not so with Lady Mechanika...the attention to detail to bringing the steampunk genre to life not only lives up to itself, but exceeds.

To check out more on Lady Mechanika and its creator/owner, click here. And don't forget to go out and get it for yourself. If you can!

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