Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midnight noon?

Part of the reason I decided to start this little side project (despite the insanity that has always been my life) was to have a little fun and share my obsessive love of books and the world authors create.

Unfortunately, I seem to let some things fall to the wayside. So, in order to help feel less like a crummy parent and more like the awesome bellydancer I am I've decided to do some fun stuff around here. Now, whether or not you think its fun is another question. But I hope you will at least get some amusement out the craziness that pops up!

So, expect some changes around here within the next week. I hope it means we can get together more often!

Plus, I absolutely adore Halloween...I do want to live like Jack and Sally. I mean, my puppy is already cuter than Zero. But not by much.

Here's a few things I am so excited about! My copy of Double Crossed should be here soon (SQUEE! Thanks, Amanda, you fabulous Not Really Southern Vamp Chick!) and I am jittery with anticipation...almost to the point of utter and absolute distraction. Also, my sojourns to my haunting grounds that is the used bookstore has yielded a few books I have had my eye on...Hush Hush, Fallen (which I've just finished and will be reviewing here soon!), Beautiful Creatures, and a few Patricia Brigg novels. (Even though I bought the one with the red covers twice...I say red because its the only way I can remember to not purchase it for the third time!) In comic news, Aspen Comics has some steampunk themed book coming out soon, called Lady Mechanika. Oh, yeah! (Rubs hands together!)

And, of course, the Halflaween show...AFI and Amon Tobin will never be the same!

(And more importantly, the updating of my utterly poorly planned kitchen is in its planning stages. Silly to some, but it's where the coffee is made. And the deserts are created! I heart cooking. I am Italian, after all!)

So, my lovelies, I'm off to shimmy and drill the Halfaween number. And read. And play with the puppy. And maybe a little work. Oh, coffee and chocolate? (mumbling as I hit publish.)

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