Monday, September 27, 2010

New Review: Pack of Lies By Vanessa Vaughn

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Not everyone shares the same love for things that are different. Take my inner struggle with the love for the sensual connectivity I find whenever I pick up a book and hold it in my hands and the inner tech geek who loves the kindle app on my itouch. And the research that ensued. Really, should I get a Kindle? I'm on the fence. Seriously, I've read and touched and carried my books for all my life. Even hidden them under a pillow and snuck out my handy flashlight to get my fill. Yet, still, I'm intrigued and not totally against the idea of checking out the digital epub world. (So many choices, though!)

I only bring this up to give you an idea how I feel about the whole m/m romance. Not something I'm familiar with, but...why not? Especially after a sneak peak I found...

Because I did it. I took the plunge.

Pack of Lies by Vanessa Vaughn...where to start? Paranormal? Check. Romance? Check. M/M? Check. Sexy hotness? Check, check, check.

Underneath it all, though? A tale of finding yourself in a world that you never imagined you would step a foot into, and realizing maybe there is much more than you ever realized.

From the get go, Jack seems sure of his place in the world he has created for himself, playing a role he believes is...well, right for himself. He's a successful business man, wears the right clothes, knows the right people.

Until he meets Marcus.

Marcus rules his pack by a tenuous thread, having to keep a watchful eye on anyone who may betray him. Including himself.

On the night of the full moon, the pack revels in the debauchery and salacious behavior, from appeasing their sexual appetites to the thrill of the hunt.

After a violent encounter with Jack, his car, and Ivy (the sexy model who seems to be Jack's only friend), Marcus finds himself in a unique situation.

Werewolves are born...and turning humans is so rare that it's believed it can't happen. At least, not fully. Which would only make them weak and a threat to the pack. And weakness is not tolerated.

Neither is the attraction Marcus feels towards Jack. Which means, while he must find out if Jack has turned, he also must be incredibly careful not to let anyone see how he truly feels.

Vanessa Vaughn's story telling is smart, sexy, and thrilling with just the right amount of smolder. In the beginning, I was hesitant, yet my trepidation was quickly calmed as I found myself unable to look away. The dynamics of the pack, the intensity of emotions...the smolder (yum)...

My only complaint (other than not being hold the pages in my little hands) was the ending...I felt like it was not enough, I wanted more...that's a good thing right?
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Note: Pack Of Lies provided by author for review...

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