Friday, July 23, 2010

Midnight Musings...On A Paranormal Path

A bit of fun...

There is a large pile (it's actually mountainous, to be completely honest. Or monstrous) of books lurking in my office. Some cleverly hidden in a rather sturdy box that is just behind my desk. Others added almost daily in what began as a leader space to eventually the box but has now grown to a tower of paranormal yumminess.

I can link this obsession to four specific books in my life. The first may surprise you. Don't laugh. Well, not too hard, anyways!

Yeppers, that's a vampire bunny. My first vampire. (Ironic that my husband's nickname is Bunny, right? But don't tell him I told you.) Oh, the mystery of carrots and celery drained of their juices (eww...but I think the celery deserved it. Yuck. And don't tell me to try peanut butter, it's still celery underneath it all!) after the family adopts their newest member. And werewolf daschunds (LURVE THEM!)? Oh, yeah, I said it...errr, typed it.

Then, there was...The Vampire Diaries. Don't even get me started on Damon. (Sorry, wiping drool here. Wouldn't you?) Who can resist a dark misunderstood...brooding, sexy vampire? (Raises hand. You can, too. You know you want to. Don't even try to deny it. Not me! Hence, Angel.) Even, right then and there, I was hooked. Before sparkles and the abs (I like that, too!). And that is the original cover. (Hangs head...I had it once...)

And now (rubbing hands together), for the romance. It was at a used bookstore, and unfortunately, I can't even show you the cover. Its that...out of print. Awaken My Fire by Jennifer Horsman. Oh, if only I could weave the story together of Lady Rochelle and her Vincent. Talk about steamy...and, really, I literally read it my room because I was so certain everyone would know what I was thinking. Or reading, as it were. Or, was it the one with my name that my mom and I hid from my dad? Hmmmm.....

Finally...the well documented (I've probably mentioned it once or twice on here *wink*) stiletto cover of Laurell K. Hamilton. Also a sucker for shoes, that's me! This sealed my fate.

I'm curious...what was your first paranormal toe dipping into the waters that have led you to where you are?

I say it's a great place to be.

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