Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Review....Heir to Darkisle by Cassandra Pierce


Sebastian and Ruby Morgan arrived in the small seaside town of Darkisle, claiming to be the grandchildren of the reclusive Edgar Morgan, who recently died at the age of 108. From the beginning, Briana Dempsey has her doubts the Morgans are who and what they claim to be. She is, however, certain of one thing. Sebastian Morgan unnerves her in ways she's never experienced before. His skin is cold, his eyes are hypnotic, and he seems to have no heartbeat. Yet all she can feel when she's with him is an all-consuming fire that fills her with desire. When a local woman is murdered and Briana is implicated because of her involvement with the Morgans, she must confront the truth about the mysterious man she has fallen in love with. Is he the lover of her dreams, or the architect of her nightmares? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Usually when I start a new read, I can tell right away away how fast and how interested I will be in the world I am about to enter. With Heir to Darkisle, the first few paragraphs pulled me in. So I became intrigued.

Then, reality set in. This is not necessarily a bad just makes the entire experience a entirely different one.

Encountering Todd and Ami on the Isle felt a little rushed, not unlike Todd himself, whose extreme behavior is fueled by foolishness and alcohol. We quickly find out that Todd is being carriedthrough his life by his older sister, Brianna, who always seems to have to clean up one mess after another all the while never really solving any problems. (I believe its called enabling...I think we all have had someone we do these kind of things for, unfortunately!)

While having their little moment together (drunkenly and sloppily) they come face to face with the Isle's new owner, Sebastian Morgan. And surprise, surprise...he's mysterious, dark, tortured, and in a struggle to be something better than he is, at least in his own eyes. Which, in this case is a vampire. Unknown to the the sleepy tourist towns inhabitants.

Instead of pressing charges, Sebastian agrees to allow Todd to work to help him restore his "grandfather's" estate. Having no license (drunk driving issues here), Brianna agrees to drop him off at the manor at dusk and pick him up again at midnight.

I struggled with the characters at this point, mostly because I felt Brianna changed herself on a dime when Sebastian (in his wonderfully elegant words) points out that she's not doing herself or her brother any favors by allowing him to keep up the way he has been. Sebastian is described as tall, dark, aristocratic...yet felt static until he was with (and I love love love her) Ruby. She pokes and prods at him making him seem less like a stereotype and more like...well, your typical vamp.

Oh Ruby. The bright spot and the character I wanted more of. Sassy, incredibly comfortable with herself and who she is, Ruby is the girl you want to protect, hang out with, and live vicariously through. I found myself wanting more of her...

The romance had its place, but once again, felt a little rushed (I guess I'm a build up the tension and make me smolder kinda girl). Not to say it was bad, I just wanted more smolder...that I have to have you, I itch and burn to touch you feeling. The sentiment was there...but I'm not sure I felt it enough to want it to happen between the two of them. Until later...

Here comes the oops....Ruby (who sees no need to deny herself needlessly) decides she wants to sink her teeth (literally) into Todd's all to willing neck. And who walks in on them? Yep, Brianna. After trying to make her forget, Sebastian can't seem to stay away. Enter an attempted robbery, which forces the two together and then a confession of mutual longing. Which inevitably leads to other things (and hints at all too cold skin on her own warmth *grin*).

In all honesty, I found myself enjoying most of the scenes when the two were apart, and most of them involved Ruby. I mean, the girl has a Maserati. I like it! (Of course, it's her brother's, ugh, grandfather's, but hey, I liked it.)

And then, tragedy (of a sort strikes)...the fling Todd washed up on the shore with shows up, literally washed up on the shore, once again...only dead. On the beach by Morgan Manor.

Of course, Brianna and Sebastian become suspects...and things get worse from there for Brianna.

Not going to mince words here...I really had to make myself keep going at first. I felt a little bit of a disconnect with Sebastian and Brianna, but then Ruby caught my eye. Then, it fell into place. There were parts of the plot line that made some of the earlier situations make more sense to me. And the pay off was worth it...I really didn't see it coming. When a book does this for me, as in make me work for it and enjoy the pay off, I find that I appreciate it that much more.

And as for Ruby? Still love her, and I can't wait to see what Cassandra Pierce does next...

(Note: Heir to Darkisle was provided to me to review...)


  1. The ending caught me off guard for some reason-it was a little slow going in the beginning, but I liked the gothic feel to it. Loved Ruby!

  2. Ruby rocked, most definitely!


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