Thursday, May 13, 2010

Midnight Musing...why I love it.

Just like everyone else, there are days when I feel like I am so overwhelmed with everything I do that I really don't know how to...well, do anything.

Sounds silly, I know.

I'll let you in a secret. I hate getting lost. Violently.

Funny thing is...its only happened to me, like twice. Ever.

But it haunts me...

Okay, so here's the dish on how this belongs here.

But, like all things, it may take a few sentences and rambles to get us there.

I...(gah, confession time.) cyber stalk. A lot. I follow, live journal, youtube, you name your poison. This, my dear friends, is why.

It's not as though my life is so utterly boring and uneventful. In fact, like the above sounds, IT'S INSANE! At times, the insanity tends to rear its ugly little beady head and stick out its slimy tongue, all a waggling and drooly. Overwhelming and annoying, I have a tendency to allow the little bugger to have control over my life, muddling over the what ifs while I really could be doing the whole iffing. If you get my meaning.

When he shows up (or she, I try not to look to closely), I cyber stalk. Melissa Marr, I hate to embarrass you, but you are my favorite non bellydancer stalking subjects (hangs head in shame, not wanting to look like a loon you need a restraining order for). If only because your insane (love that word today, right?) balancing act and quirky sense about life...give me a much needed kick in know. (And the is my rock.)

Side note: Hearing about or watching some one's triumph's is an odd thing. Some people get jealous evil meaniness. Yet others feel like they know how it feels with an added drop of envy. Still others, like me, tend towards an odd mix of congratulation, desire (as in, I want so of that! Which may or may not be vanilla ice cream with Dr. Pepper, but I digress), and....inspiration.

Here's my point. Finally.

A month or so ago, during one of my cyberstalking events, I discovered said author (ahem...Melissa Marr) would Ohio. As in NORTHERN OHIO. Where, in fact, most musical acts sometimes skip over, championship sports teams get sucked into a black hole, and...well, not much happens. (Don't get me wrong, our theater district is AMAZING. But authors that I know and love? Not so much.) Day requested off...check. Radiant Shadows devoured....sniff, sniff...check. Husband informed he was driving me to the other side of town and coming with me....CHECK. Or so I thought.

Life getting in the way as it does, the road block was up. Husband's work schedule changed. Bellydance show next week. Crazy day/night/anytime job expands in leaps and bounds on its pull.

Mud puppies. (That's my wacky attempt at clean profanity.)

Two choices. I can allow my silly stupid fear of getting lost to over take me and miss out on an experience. Or. Two. I can suck it up, face my silly fear, and do something for me.

I chose me.

Actually, I chose to choose me, if that makes sense. While I would adore to fawn over every minute detail (alas, we all promised we wouldn't spill any secrets...sigh), I can tell you this. This was my first real book event. And what a great one it was.

There was no earth shattering realizations (biting my tongue...ugh) that I can share, but I can tell you that inspiration comes not only from the authors that give us a piece of their worlds, but also from the fellow readers we meet on that journey. (Waves to y'all!!)

On to my journey....I decided to reread Wicked Lovely (hee hee on my kindle app...), get my booty moving on this blog (I have two in the ready to publish state), and...this weekend, its tribal bellydance, baby!!!!!!!!!!! Just a little excited....sorry....

There are always choices. (Not my words, but I kinda like 'em)

So choose to try something new, go have a fabulous conversation with a bunch of strangers, check out an Angles and Airwaves concert, or even try the express way for the first time (HA! I CONQUERED YOU!!)...see where it leads you.

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  1. I hear you on the getting lost thing. I get lost all the time, and hate it. Sometimes it gets the best of me. I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you at my place:


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