Friday, May 21, 2010

Midnight Musings...In the morning.

It's the morning after our coffee house show...

And, I would like to say...I conquered another "fear" (I use quotes only because really, I mostly fear sharks the most. It seems silly to not use the whole " " thing, then.) last night.

I've danced with my lovely troupe ladies countless times. In a group. And I love it. Bellydancers are some of the most supportive, nurturing people I've ever encountered. (Boy, do they love their red wine and whiskey!) Coffee, as well, if last evening was any indication. Which in and of itself was pretty darn amusing. (Yep, 10 or so Bellydancers all hyped up on caffeine. Good times!)

Okay, the conquering.

Two numbers had to get pulled due to injuries (eek!), so we had time to fill. Found out that morning, and had to fill in. Originally, I had planned to do a solo (trembling in my boots), but so many ladies wanted to dance that I had decided to perform, alone (GAH), at our next performance. So, now, we had two spots.

As fate would have it, one of my lovely ladies just found a gorgeous veil (silk, colorful, and cut perfectly...which is so important, trust me!) that she wanted to show me. I love veil work, and it was the one thing I missed from my cabaret dancing.

TADA! Hey, they all decided, do a veil dance...(here's the part where I get a panic attack.) I hadn't picked up a veil...geez, in a year or longer.

Turns out, much like riding a bike, it's kinda all in the muscle memory. Especially the joy part. So, there I am...I picked out a tune I love that's a little more traditional (in that it's not the funky crazy eclectic stuff we usually use) that I love and know by heart.

At the show, we had to move up my number...gulp...a few spaces. And there it was.

Let me tell was a beautiful thing. Total improv, on the spot, danced out of pure bliss.

(And they really liked it...bellydance shows are a very loud thing, no polite silence or polite clapping. Although, there can still be silence if you don't connect with your audience.)

It wasn't quiet. Towards the end of the night, I was asked to do one more number. What the heck, I thought.

So here I sit. Kinda been neglecting the blog, and not reading as much as I want. But, I hope it was all worth it. Hopefully, I'll have a few pictures for you.

*Looks over at Phury's book*

I know, *shakes head*, Lover Mine can't be touched until you're done. (I like talking to my books. They are like my friends. I always get the last word! *evil laughter*)

Off I go, sad its over, but knowing there are other things on the horizon that are as equally fun and scary.

Hope your week was as fun mine.

(Oh yeah...Part of my costume fell off. Shimmied it right on off. Then I knocked the speaker over. But those are the things that make ya laugh, you know?)

Was it?

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  1. Sounds so awesome! Wish I coulda seen ya lady! Congrats on your awesome night and on conquering your fears. I <3 and talk to my books too, sometimes I even pet the pretty ones. lol


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