Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Judging a book by its cover...

Never judge a book by its cover.
Really? Because, I will say, the slippery slope that began my descent into what I can, at times, equate to borderline obsession (see hiding book under table during breakfast, or getting to work GASP early to get in a few more chapters uninterrupted)began with completely ignoring this time honored idea.
And, for not the first time, I thank whomever up there sent my soul mate to me...he loves my shoes as much as I do. Read on...
Walking through my local bookstore (the BIG B) is not only one of my favorite window shopping opportunities, but it also gives me a few moments of peace. No one asks me questions, I can browse for hours, and I can pick up any book that tickles me deep down inside and not worry about how well my booty will look in it, or if it will crush my credit card. Though, said credit card has had its own workout here.
One an ordinary day, not too long ago, during one of these vicarious visitations, the above mentioned soul mate (or husband as I sometimes call him...if I remember to) came by and said he had to show me something. We usually wander in two directions(he likes non-fiction...sigh) so beyond mags, we split. Low and behold, he had stumbled upon a new book that had the most yummilicious spiked metal heeled stilettos on it cover, and had to show me. (Like most women, I am always in the search for the perfect pair black stilettos.)
And so I was introduced to Laurell K. Hamilton. Not at this time...I was worried I would get lost in the middle of the series. But weeks later, the tome became a present.
And thus began my return to slippery slope I had so loved but had told myself I hadn't the time for (silly, girl, I know). Plus the tendency to discover new series in the midst of their run...
Which brings me to now...
I love giving my opinion to co-workers and friends, and even complete strangers on the newest reads, or even favorite existing books. As not to offend my co-worker when I recommended a not so trashy trashy-ish novel to her daughter, I listened to what she usually read, and gave a few suggestions (from romantic to get the idea I hope). Which they both liked. And, once I finally read Twilight...well, that's another story...or blog?
So that's why I'm here...because one of my friends not so quietly suggested I just blog my favorites...and I love to read other blogs as well.
After all, isn't it fun to judge a book by its cover sometimes?

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