Friday, September 21, 2012

There's a First Time For Everything

Take a deep breath.  Now let it out.  This has been my new mantra lately.  The future is always uncertain, and when we find ourselves at a crossroads, we have a choice (obviously).  To take the easy path, or the new one that can be scary.  Risk versus reward, easy versus hard.  Or, hard versus harder.
Over a year ago, I had a simple injury that I brushed off that eventually became incredibly serious.  And scary.
One that meant possibly losing the ability to walk, and with it, dance.
Now, I'm no prima ballerina.  Tribal bellydance is a beautiful exploration of self and expression, and by no means can the average person make a living doing it.  Some do, but, I've never seen myself as that person.  The journey, for me, is more about self, creating, sharing, and enjoying life how it is meant to be enjoyed!
And this all could be gone.  I was devastated.
You know that saying, when times are tough, you find who your friends are?  Well, times were tough.  And I was pregnant with my little bundle of joy.
I thank those who supported me, and those who didn't.  The people who stood by me gave me the faith to believe and never give up.  And the other ones?  They made the decision I had been dreading/hoping to make that much clearer and easier.
On Sunday, I'll be dancing in my first real show since healing and becoming who I am today.  Beyond the excitement and triumph of this moment, there's a new challenge.
The number the ladies and I will be performing is the very first tribal fusion number I've fully choreographed.  I've done other numbers (mostly improv and cabaret style), but this is my first full on piece.
Here's to where we've been, where we could have gone, and where we are and should be.
And remembering the choreography!!!

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