Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eight Minutes

As a bellydancer, the best advice I ever received to keep my practice a part of my every day life was the rule of eight minutes.
Sounds simple right? And eight minutes really that long. Right?
Wrong. It is. Especially when you're doing glute shimmies for eight whole minutes. Eight long agonizing minutes. But, let me tell you, it works.
That simple little work out keeps my muscle memory, gives the inspiration to want to do more, and fits in to my hectic life.
Find the perfect songs, and you are on your way. Put on the tunes, and shimmy away.
With this time alotment, I either drill one move (ie glute shimmy, oblique shimmy, arabic) or a drill of combined moves.
Now, this means my muse and I are on the same page and we get a little time together every day.

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